I build and train AI of your computer usage to create a personalized automation tool saving you hours of time

Hi, I'm Shaun. I build AI to automate time-consuming tasks.

Time is money: I put as much effort towards saving time as I do money. Using what I've learned writing software that can hear at Serato, and products which can see at Compac, I built a platform which makes automation simple.

Ultimately, my personal mission is to give everyone the ability to choose how to spend more of their time, so you can focus more on doing what makes you happy and less on working to survive.

I'll build you a digital assistant like Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

But what it'll do for you is a little different.

It's tailored specifically to your personal needs, Instead of learning to satisfy the needs of everyone. It continually learns your habits and workflows and then uses that knowledge to automatically complete similar tasks when they come up again.

How I could help you


Identify areas for improvement in how you spend your time - repetitive work, auditing what took the longest to improve future estimations.


Autocompletion suggestions learned from your own personal vocabulary, in any text editor - including programming tools.

Data entry

Automatically perform a series of repeatable actions, where each repetition is unchanged but applied to the next element in a list.


Create reports based on your browsing history with latest news and posts of interest to you without having to browse through the irrelevant content.


Recall documents and content you've viewed based on what you can remember, a single term, what you were doing before.

How it works

Step 1

We arrange a no-obligation 1 hour live chat/video conference to discuss the repetitive workflows you've identified, and workshop other opportunities together

Step 2

I send you software to install and record your workflows for at least a week

Step 3

We review the recordings together during a 1 hour screen share session and tag all repetitive actions and indicators

Step 4

I train deep neural networks using the identified indicators and workflow data

Step 5

I send you updated software with your personalized models to record your workflows for at least another week, which tracks how much of your workflow it was able to sucessfully predict, and how many of these predictions you actually triggered automation for.

Step 6

We repeat steps 3 - 5 until we reach a point where further improvement seems difficult at the time.

Join Alpha

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Technically, any digitally recordable or automatable interactions are supported. Recording is supported on any platform through the data upload feature, however realtime automation is only supported on Linux, Windows and macOS.

per hour for that workA question mark inside a circle
Depends on how you are paid for the time being automated: A rough guide might be the hourly rate for your salary or wage, an estimation of what the value of each hour saved is worth to you.

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Not all repetitive action is automatable: that depends on data capture quality, number of repetitions, and the number of actions in the sequence. Consider things like: When you're typing, the time you'd spend context switching to lookup words you'd looked up before; Filling in spreadsheet data with repetitive copy pasting or minor modifications; Filtering through uninteresting content on social media, news or internet browsing in general; Trawling through your internet history, emails and files looking for something you only sort of remember working on; Having to recreate your work log after forgetting to start your timer.

Estimated annual savings A question mark inside a circle
Each month you're only charged based on the actual amount of time automated. A limited number of early applicants will receive a lifetime licence completely free for your help alpha testing the product!


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