Helping people spend their time doing what they love most.

An artificially intelligent assistant that analyzes, improves and automates your workflows.


Repeat less, achieve more.

Search and Explore Memories

Cytes’ photographic memory allows you to never forget important experiences again.

Hands on (or off) Autopilot

Automation suggestions when you need them most. Cyte is always on and looking for ways to help.

Smart process automation that’s easy to use

Cyte uses a hybrid approach to intelligent automation with a combination of deep learning and robotic process automation.

Accelerate your vision.

Better by the Day

Every day your Cyte expands its ability using insights and patterns found during the days operation.

Collect and Share Experience

We are all individuals with unique talents. Imagine the possibilities unlocked if we share our expertise to build a collective intelligence.

Discover Unmapped Potential

Cyte aims to use downtime to find imaginative ways to expand your knowledge base.