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A complete digital history search

Always working, always learning

Your entire personal digital history made searchable

From your desktop apps to your browser usage.

We use AI to make any digital interaction searchable such as audio, screen, keyboard and mouse history.

Your own digital research assistant.

Easily track time for the things that matter most to you.

Simply select the keyword that you want to track and save to your favourites.

Want to time track something post usage? Easy! Cyte is always working so you can track your time at any stage.

Your own digital time-management assistant.

Learn about your work habits

Identify where you spend most of your time and review recordings to identify potential process improvements or automation potential.

Easily see your trending terms, most recent terms and find new and interesting content similar to other content you’ve viewed before.

Your own digital optimization assistant.

1-click automatic text extraction

Extract text quickly and accurately from any visual image in your digital history with our 1-click automatic text extraction.

Your own digital transcription assistant.

Search, understand
and simplify your workflows.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Mouse & Keyboard Automation


Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Self Hosted



Automatic Insights

Screen Capture

Unsupervised Learning

Memory API

Supervised Learning


Knowledge Graph

UI & Reporting API

Mobile and web memory viewer

Ready to see how Cyte can help you?

Operating System: Mac OSX 10.15+ or Windows 10+ | Minimum Memory: 8 GB RAM

Minimum Free HDD Space: 8 GB | Minimum CPU Spec: 1.9 GHz Quad Core | Version: 0.7.2 (Release notes)

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