Gorgeous websites are just part of who we are

Sean Finn


Brings color to a world without. His insatiable creative spirit marries the comfortable with the daring. He is the hand that guides the brush.

Ian Noble


Once an astronomer, now a back-end web developer. His infatuation with arrays and hashes are why we like him. They say he thinks in binary. 00111100 00110011.

Brian Stern


A keystone to our cohort. With his patented medley of business accumen, development skills, and unparalleled charm, he is our hearth, our rock.

Dani Gálvez


Neurobiologist turned entrepreneurial web developer. Has a thing for machine learning and scaling the Kardashev scale. He one day hopes to further dovetail artificial intelligence with medicine.

A bit about us...

We are a small collective of developers and designers with ingenuity, creativity, and a drive to change the world. Our passion lies within crafting things people need or simply enjoy. Try us.


As developers, we dance gracefully along the fine line separating bleeding-edge and tried-and-true tech stacks—respect the past and embrace the future.

Innovative Ideas

Although we all stand on the shoulders of giants, it doesn't hurt having some self-starters, tinkerers, and all-around thinkers on your side.

Responsive Design

Platform agnosticism is a necessity, not a luxury. For that reason, we make sure that whatever we work on looks and feels great, regardless of device type.


Let's build something!